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Buying Office Technology: Understanding Cost Vs. Value

If there is one thing we are particularly proud of at Gold Business Solutions, it's that we don't just sell the very best in office technology from top manufacturers like Kyocera and Samsung, but that we help our customers to choose the solution that represents the best overall value for them. That means competitive prices, of course, but also means helping them to understand how their choice will affect things like their overall cost of ownership for years to come.

Here are three ways Gold Business Solutions can help you get the best deal on premium office technology:

Immediate cost. In today's ultra-competitive business climate, no organization can afford to spend more than it needs to. We understand that, and continue to offer highly-competitive prices on all our products, from the simplest office machines to the newest printers, scanners, and fax machines.

Cost of ownership. Often, the model with the lowest sticker price can end up costing you several times more than a similar unit would have, once maintenance, toner, and other long-term expenses are figured in. Our trained account managers will help you to anticipate and understand all the costs involved over the life of your purchase before you buy it, so you can feel confident you're making the best decision for your business.

Reliability and downtime. When your office equipment isn't working, neither is your staff. Because these losses in productivity can far outweigh any expenses you'll see on a balance sheet, we only offer the most reliable models and brands available on the market today, and service them through local technicians and inventory -- a winning combination for you and your business.

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