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Getting Started is Easy

1) The Snapshot

To get an idea of your organization’s current hardcopy workflow, we’ll take a quick, non-invasive look at your printing environment, including devices in use, their location and users per device.

2) The Assessment 

Based on the snapshot, we will conduct a corporate wide discovery of page volumes, consumable usage, device utilization and more over a 30 day period. This assessment is invisible to users and will assist us in providing you with a comprehensive evaluation of your printing needs.

3) Implementation

We will collaborate with your management team and end users to deliver a program that improves company productivity. In some cases, device consolidation could further reduce your printing costs. Or, a technology refresh of older devices may improve efficiencies while reducing expenses. Since PageLOGIC is scalable, you can make these decisions when needed.

4) Single Point of Contact

The implementation phase is just the beginning of our MPS program. We’ll assign one person to your account who is responsible for your total satisfaction, including quarterly reviews, monitoring consumables, alerting you to volume changes and more.