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Managed Print Services

The Logical Way To Reduce Your Printing Cost Without Buying New Equipment

You Cannot Manage What You Don`t Know......

And What You Dont Know Could Be Costing Your Company Hundreds, Perhaps Thousands of Dollars in Excess Printing Costs.

You’re not alone. Most companies do not have a handle on their network printing costs. In fact, industry experts agree that if a company gained control of their hardcopy costs, they could reduce
this expense by 30% or more. We can help. It’s called MPS (Managed Print Service) and it’s the logical way for you to reduce your company’s printing costs without buying new equipment. Do you know the answers to the following:

• the size of your printer fleet?
• cost of supplies? / order frequency?
• cost of service?
• age of your printing devices?
• utilization rates?
• output volumes?
• page sizes?
• image area printed?
• drivers in use / version?
• who is responsible for acquisition?

Our MPS Specialists can assist you in answering these
questions and more.

We Are Here To Help.

An MPS agreement lets you focus on your business by providing you with a managed service; removing the burden of day to day IT intervention for your networked devices. MPS also provides you with a predictable monthly expense, making financial planning and accountability easier. Key program advantages and benefits include:

• Secure, automatic meter readings eliminates
employee and management data collection.
• Automatic data collection eliminates inaccurate
• Eliminates consumable over ordering, stocking and
“emergency” purchases, thereby, reducing expenses.
• Device monitoring and proactive service reduces
downtime and user complaints.
• Provides an accurate landscape of print usage
throughout your organization and pinpoints
problem devices, along with over and underutilized
printers and MFPs.
• Quarterly account reviews keep you informed of your
device activity and identifies if adjustments are

Best of all, you’ll be getting one CPP for all devices, on
one invoice from one vendor, making cost accounting

Our Customers Tell Us.....

They have simplified / streamlined their document workflow process.
They have reduced consumables inventory and waste.
They have improved the ratio of output devices to end users.
They have reduced IT time spent on networked hardcopy device management.
They have fewer end user complaints.
They have reduced printing costs by as much as 30%.

Our MPS Specialists are ready to provide you with guidance on optimizing your company’s printing resources; helping you improve office productivity and efficencies while saving you time and money (Click To See How to Get Started)